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Red color

I remember my first interior design teacher saying: "You can make one room red and the other one green, but put a green-red rug between them so that your eye has time to adapt, and you don't experience stress every time you cross the threshold."

Today we often take the approach: "I am an artist - that's how I see it." We are not architects. The house won't fall. And what're inside-who cares? All ancient knowledge has long been closed to us. We have no criminal responsibility for design, for light, for color. We don't even think about what harm our "vision" can do.

Today we will look at the color red, from the point of view of different knowledge systems.

In the chakra system, red is our connection with the earth, our stability, and the ground under our feet.

How do we perceive color?

In oriental medicine, red is forbidden for high blood pressure. It is used to restore the vital activity of the liver, if a person has farsightedness, and with myopia and the same condition of the liver, it can no longer be used.

According to the system of cardinal directions, red should be in the west, and according to the Vastu system, the color of the west is blue and light blue. But red destroys families, being in the southeast bedroom.

According to other sources,

red is the color of love and passion, horror, hell, and sin.

Now the question is:

do you have any idea what power this color has? What kind of analysis should be carried out to understand the psychological and physical condition of each family member, not to mention the features of the space before applying the chosen color scheme? So as NOT to harm by "the help" of our choice?

How often do we think about this?

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